Dressing gown insulating production of PJSC AV-PHARMA

67.60 грн


Material: non-woven material made by “Spunbond” technology, the front side of which is coated with PVC. The density of the material is 45 g / m2. Non-sterile with antistatic treatment.
Product: soft, light, has long sleeves with knitted cuffs. The length of the product is up to the middle of the calf. It is fixed on the waist and neck with strings.
Appointment. For individual single use in order to comply with personal hygiene rules and maintain the sanitary-epidemiological condition in medical institutions. To protect the skin and prevent contamination of clothing during work.

  • 42-44 (S)
  • 46-48 (M)
  • 50-52 (L)
  • 54-56 (XL)
  • 58-60 (2XL)
  • 62-64 (3XL)
  • 66-68 (4XL)