Disposable protective overalls with a hood

273.00 грн


The biological protection suit consists of a protective waterproof overalls with a hood, which is suitable for multiple use, and high-heeled medical shoe covers made of PVC by PJSC “AV-PHARMA”.
Designed in order to comply with personal rules of hygiene and maintain the sanitary – epidemiological condition in medical institutions. To protect medical staff and patients from contamination and infection, as well as to protect medical staff during various manipulations.
Laminated spunbond made of non-woven material is a two-layer material laminated on one side with a dense layer of polypropylene. Lamination with a polypropylene covering gives to material additional protective properties, providing its water and air impermeability. The density of the material is 160 g / sq.m. Resistant to chemical reagents and disinfectants, has high fabric strength.

  • M (46-48)
  • L (50-52)
  • XL (54-56)
  • XXL (58-60)